About Us

The Huntington Society of Canada (HSC) is a not-for-profit charitable organization which raises funds to deliver individual and group counseling service to support individuals and families living with Huntington disease (HD) and to fund medical research to delay or stop the progression of the disease. The Society works with health and social services professionals to enable them to better serve people living with HD. The Huntington Society of Canada aspires to a world free from Huntington disease. The Society maximizes the quality of life of people living with HD by delivering services; enabling others to understand the disease; and furthering research to slow and prevent Huntington disease. To know more about the HSC visit our website at www.huntingtonsociety.ca.

The HSC British Columbia Resource Centre (BCRC) is a provincial resource for families with Huntington disease (HD). Our clients are individuals at risk of HD, individuals with HD, family members and friends who are primary caregivers of a person with HD. We provide information, education and support to clients, community service providers, care home staff and other health professionals working with someone living with HD.

Families and professionals benefit greatly from the multidisciplinary approach to care which allows professionals to work together to coordinate a plan to best meet the needs of individual clients as HD progresses. Clients attend a half day (morning or afternoon) scheduled appointment with specialists in one location in addition to receiving support from our team. This ‘one-stop-shop’ format is especially helpful for those traveling to appointments from outside metro Vancouver. The BCRC offers services to people living in BC and the Yukon.

What the BCRC offers:
• Direct support services
• Education and awareness sessions
• Local community development
• Support to HSC’s national advocacy efforts

Who we are:

• BC Resource Centre: Director

Corrina Masson, Vancouver Resource Centre Director/Social Worker

Jenni Aitken, Victoria Resource Centre Director/Social Worker


Who we serve:
• Persons with HD or at-risk
• Caregivers and family
• Community members, friends, neighbors
• Health Providers, Social Services and Community Services

Direct support services:
We offer services to individuals, couples and families such as:
• Short Term Counselling – counselling is available to address emotional and practical adjustments to the changes one may experience while living with HD
• Resource Counselling and Referral – information is provided about community resources available to help meet specific individual needs
• Individual Advocacy – support is available to work with service providers and individuals to help ensure access to necessary services

Support Groups:
We offer different support groups in four areas of BC:
Metro Vancouver and Lower Mainland Support Groups
BC Support Groups
Victoria and South Island Groups
• Okanagan Support Groups

Education and Support for professionals:
Education, information and support is available to health care providers, social services and community workers involved in the care of a person with HD:
• Staff at hospitals, mental health centers, long-term care facilities
• Home care staff, counselors, physicians and other health and social service workers
• Community support groups or agencies
• Community workers such as lawyers, police, staff involved in the justice system


Please contact us for more information.

Huntington Society of Canada: BC Resource Centre (BCRC)
Centre for HD, UBC Hospital, S179
2211 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver BC V6T 2B5

HSC Website: www.huntingtonsociety.ca

YPAHD (Young People Affected by HD): www.ypahd.ca

HD Buzz: http://en.hdbuzz.net

HDYO: www.hdyo.org

Disability Alliance BC: http://www.disabilityalliancebc.org