Metro-Vancouver and Lower-Mainland Support Groups

Open Group:

HD Patient Support Group – One meeting per month: Wednesday afternoon from September to June

  • This group is open to individuals who have been diagnosed with HD.
  • To join this group, the individual would need to be able to interact with people, this can be done in different ways.
  • The person may be accompanied by a caregiver.

The goals of this group are:

  • Meet other people with HD and build support within our group process
  • Increase knowledge about HD and about living with HD
  • Develop new tools and coping mechanisms
  • Enjoy an HD safe space

Closed Groups:

Please note: This group requires a minimum of 8 participants up to a maximum of 14 before sessions can be started.
Participants are asked to commit to attending all of the sessions.

Caregivers Support Group – meet once a month for 4 to 6 sessions. Location and schedule will be considered as per the needs of the majority of participants.

This group is open to any caregiver of a person with HD. In this group, participants will:

  • Meet other caregivers and build support within the group process
  • Learn positive coping strategies with the goal to reduce caregiver stress
  • Increase knowledge about HD
  • Learn about and how to access community resources

Other possible groups could also be offered depending on need and participants available, for example:

  • Living at Risk for HD
  • Young People Affected by HD (14-25 years old)
  • Living with gene-positive diagnosis
  • Recently diagnosed with HD
  • Loss and grief

To get more information or to join one of our groups, contact the BCRC office at 604.822.7195 or by email: